Alexei Beltyukov: entrepreneur and philanthropist

The dissolution of the Soviet Union opened up a world of entrepreneurship and genius that have expanded into a world of opportunity for Russia. One of the best examples of success in this new economy is Alexei Beltyukov.

Alexei Beltyukov first career was that of a doctor, but the fall of the USSR and its State-supported health system saw economic hardship for him and his family. He entered the business world at a low point as a salesman and soon found himself employed by one of the new Russian financial movers and shakers.

The employer had a portfolio of businesses that required management. Beltyukov entered the venture capital world and made successful buying, spinning and reselling his forte. Finally his entrepreneurial spirit devised a franchise opportunity that did not exist in Russia: auto repair. While Europe and America have had auto repair franchises for decades, Russia had few.

Getting devised, financed and seeing it into success moved Beltyukov into other venues.

He entered a formal education program through INSEAD, Centre for Entrepreneurship, The Business School of the World. The education, exposure and network of global entrepreneurs into which he entered enabled him to expand his talent into other opportunities that opened up financial doors for many other entrepreneurs in the new capitalist Russia.

He ventured as well into Russia’s profitable energy economy through gas and petroleum investment. Perhaps his most satisfactory investment of self and finances has been

Solvy is a mathematics skills building and tutoring software system that enables students to work to develop, fine tune and increase mathematics and problem-solving skills. Beltyukov has translated his love of learning, entrepreneurial and investment in others skills into a technological product that builds individual abilities and opportunities.

Alexei Beltyukov established Endemic Capital in 2013 to finance and encourage entrepreneurs. As an “angel investor” he has worked to encourage others to invest their time, efforts and intellect into profitable enterprises that in turn spin off other industries and businesses.