Skout Is Using Its Technology To Fight Hunger

Skout is one of the most well-known and world wide dating applications . Skout was first developed in 2007 and its founders were Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. The headquarters for Skout is in San Francisco California, and Skout has had huge success since its humble beginnings.

Skout was started as a web application for people to meet people in their area, and it was intended for social networking. Skout changed to a dating application when the founders realized that 80% of the users were using Skout as a dating platform. Skout was able to get $22 million from investors and they also received about $4.6 million from angel investments.

Skout acquired a nightlife application which allowed its users to find fun night time events, see the guest list, and buy tickets.

Skout got together with the SF Marin food bank in order to help people facing hunger. Skout has a feature in its application that allows individuals to give virtual gifts. Skout promised that for each user that sent a virtual bag of potato chips, they would make a cash donation to this food bank. The goal was to serve over 20,000 people in the San Francisco area.

PRNnewswire did an article about this partnership between Skout and the SF Marine food bank. These companies are realizing that many people have shrinking incomes, and they want to be able to use technology and creativity to help fight hunger. These companies are very happy to be working together with the community to help local citizens get the food that they need.

Skout Becomes The New Social Media Favorite

Parents have become interested in knowing what their children are interested in. This is certainly true when it comes to social media. There are a lot of parents out there that are interested in seeing what apps are going to best suit their needs. They also look for the apps that there kids are using in order to find out what they children are doing online.

There is always a new hot app that will be replacing whatever parents thought was popular. Just as one app gets hot, another app may grow cold. My Space was replaced by Facebook. Snap Chat replaced many of the instant messaging apps. In most instances one apps gains popularity because it is better than the one that was released before this. Word catches on and the apps become hits. That is certainly the case with Spotify and other apps like Apple Radio.

Apps like Skout have become popular for social media because these apps allow people to meet new friends that may not necessarily be on Facebook. This has become the way that people utilize new sites. They will often look for people that may not have profiles on other sites. In many cases it is easy to find new profiles that you have not seen anywhere else on Skout because users can search by pictures. This is actually the way that many users strike up a conversation with others. Many people are fans of Skout because it gives them a connection to local people as well as people in other cities, states and countries. It has become the new meeting place for online connections.

There are some people that are using Skout for finding friends, but it is also a site that shines for date seekers. That is another reason why this app is popular. There are a lot of premium apps that allow people to find dates, but there are a few quality free apps for those that are interested in dating. This app has millions of users, and a lot of them are single. That makes it an ideal for those that are interested in dating someone through an online app without paying a monthly fee.

It’s also a great way to actually connect with people that are trying to find jobs. There are some people that frequent sites like LinkedIn, but the Skout app gives you access to everything. People can find job leads and make friends. They can date and chat.