The US Money Reserve: Protecting your Savings with Gold

On June 20, 2017 the US Money Reserve released an e-book titled “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money,” which teaches people how to defend against the economic risks that loom overhead. The book educates readers about how buying gold is the safest and best way to prevent losses and protect your savings.

Along with this exclusive ebook, the US Money Reserve is also offering high-quality 1/10 oz. American Eagle gold coins at a special price. The company expects a full sellout on their generous offer. In the uncertain economic conditions we now face, gold becomes a valuable commodity because of its stability and extreme durability as a currency, and people flock to gold as one of the oldest, and most useful assets to protect their finances. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The US Money Reserve, with over 400,000 satisfied clients, excellent service, and the finest gold coins on the market, is an ideal source to buy gold from. They offer coins in gold, silver, and platinum, and have an experienced and trustworthy team of professionals who have helped hundreds of thousands of people make wise purchases to enhance their portfolios.

Their gold and other currency is of exceptional quality, is minted at the US Mint, and is certified by the US Government for weight, content, and purity. In addition, their deliveries of gold are fast, safe, and secure; they offer complete transparency in all dealings, and personalized service to meet individual needs.

Crunchbase revealed that Phillip N Diehl, the president of the US Money Reserve, was a former United States Mint Director, and one of the most accomplished US Mint Directors in history. The US Money Reserve is the only gold company led by a former mint director, and Phillip N Diehl’s experience and expert knowledge are a great asset in offering customers the best experience possible.

Today is a time of constant war and global threats, causing natural worry in many people. The US Money Reserve’s new e-book offers a solution to that: buy gold. The limited deal from the company for the finest quality 1/10 oz. American Eagle gold coins, a deal which is expected to sell out, is an excellent chance for individuals worried about the current economic condition to do more to protect their finances, using one of the most trusted, and least vulnerable tools available.