Angela Koch: Highlighting the Importance of Employees at the US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve was founded in 2001. The company focused on the distribution of precious metal products in the American market. The US Money Reserve sells limited edition coins that are either minted locally or internationally.

Through the years, the company experienced growth, and more people are doing business with them because of the authenticity of their products and the positive reviews that they receive from those who have transacted with them in the past.

Today, the US Money Reserve keeps on becoming one of the leading precious metal product distributors in the country, thanks to the leadership of Angela Koch, their current chief executive officer.

Angela Koch is a responsible leader, and she is making sure that the US Money Reserve will continue working with minting companies around the world to secure more products that are in demand with collectors in the United States. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve INC | BBB

The most desirable products are coins and bouillons that are made from gold, silver, or platinum. Being the only female chief executive officer in the precious metals industry, she is proud to say that her actions and decisions are resulting in positive growth within the company. Aside from selling coins and bouillons, the US Money Reserve is also responsible for encouraging the public to invest in precious metals.

Through the years, the number of people who have seen precious metals as a viable investment increased, and Angela Koch claimed that the company was able to serve half-a-million individuals who wanted to invest in precious metals.

The professionals working at the US Money Reserve were trained to encourage the public about the investments that they should consider, and they are looking up to Angela Koch for providing them with adequate training and other benefits.

According to Angela Koch, being a company leader is difficult, but it is manageable. She stated that the most important thing that a leader should do inside the business is to make sure that the employees are benefiting a lot from the company, and they are taken care of.

When the employees are rewarded for their hard work and they feel that the company cares about them, they will try to do their best and to reach their goals. This is what Angela Koch did with the employees working at the US Money Reserve, and they were able to exceed her expectations. The company was able to generate a huge return on an investment after they made sure that all employees working for the US Money Reserve will be given benefits and other compensations.

Angela Koch is thankful that the employees keep on doing their best to help the company, and today, one of her main goals is to expand the operations of the US Money Reserve and generate new clients.

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James Dondero-A Big Businessman With A Big Heart

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, an investment company based in Dallas, Texas. His company has been widely successful with people of all walks of life are attracted to the high yield, low risk investing that his company is known for. In addition to being a big time businessman, James Dondero also is a huge philanthropist. He is also known for his charity contributions all over the city. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

One of the main ways that James Dondero has given back to his community is by his business model. His company is built on the principle that there is always a way to give back. His company has been at the forefront of many of the charity events in the Dallas area including work on the George W. Bush presidential library and the Perot Museum of Natural Science. By including his company at many of these charity events his company is able to stand out among the rest of all of those in the Dallas area. Also, James Dondero gives of his money and at charity events he also gives of his time. For example, his company has been the head of a special charity event for Mother’s Day at the Dallas Zoo. This shows that Highland Capital management company is truly committed to their philanthropy efforts for many years to come. While his company is able to make money through this business model he is not only in it for the money but also to help as many people as he can in the Dallas area. Read more about James Dondero at

Another way that James Dondero participates in charity on a personal level is by forming another company that serves the sole purpose of helping out those in need. The Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc was founded with Mary Jalonick, the CEO of the Dallas Foundation. This company is able to help Dondero find the companies in the area that are truly deserving of his time. From large to small charity events, this company is able to find all those that are in need. Efforts like these set James Dondero apart from all other CEOs.


Entrepreneur Barbara Stokes Builds Huntsville-Based Disaster Relief Firm

Barbara Stokes is the co-owner and chief executive officer of a disaster relief firm. This is Green Structure Homes Delivered which is based in Huntsville, AL. She co-founded this company in 2008 after having worked in the government contracting area for seven years. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Her company has become a go-to for FEMA in the event of needing to provide housing in the wake of a natural disaster.

A graduate of Mercer College, Barbara Stokes studied physics and biochemical engineering. She brings this knowledge to her company along with her skills in management and manufacturing. Her company can quickly build small, temporary homes that can be easily delivered to where they need to be. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

The homes that Barbara Stokes builds are built with safe and durable materials. They also feature modern safety equipment such as smoke detectors, monoxide detectors, and sprinkler systems. People have a sense of security living in these while waiting for their homes to be rebuilt or replaced.


Kisling, Nestico & Redick – Trusted Ohio Attorneys

When he was a teenager, Nestico, the managing partner of Kisling, Nestico & Redick was involved in a terrible accident which left him with severe injuries requiring a three-month hospital stay. The insurance companies took full advantage of the fact that his parents knew no English and therefore easily got out of paying anything. Because they had no legal representation, his parents were forced to foot the entire massive medical bill. 

His parents, Italian immigrants, did not speak English, a fact the insurance company took full advantage of when they handled the settlement of his claim. “I learned at a young age that corporations will take advantage of people who are unable to fight back and I have devoted my career to battle these companies on behalf of families like mine,” Nestico says. It was this that more than anything spurred him into the personal injury world so that others in Ohio would have access to this kind of representation.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick also employs many other attorneys and support staff that have worked at insurance companies and therefore know how they work. The law firm has throughout its existence become known as a firm that often acquires the most desirable results for its clients. It is also highly respected by many of the leading firms throughout the country. Various lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick have been named among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association. The lawyers of Kisling, Nestico & Redick have been instrumental in changing the way things are handled in the legal world.