Prestigious Law Firm Kisling Nestico & Redick Give Back to the Community

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a prestigious personal injury law firm located in Ohio. They have 11 offices throughout the state and have been successfully representing their clients since 2005. Kisling Nestico & Redick or KNR, is not only known for being a successful law firm but also for their charitable efforts and giving back to the communities they serve.

One of KNR’s charitable efforts is their annual Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship. The purpose of this annual event is to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Participants must create a plan to convince young adults to end distracted driving. The winner is awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

In another act of charity KNR treated 12 local children to a shopping spree. The children were given the chance to buy as much summer clothing as they needed. This event was important to KNR because they were able to provide for the kids as well as help them to feel good about themselves. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Ohio attended this event as well. 

Another one of KNR’s charitable endeavors is their participation in the annual Polar Bear Jump. Participants of this event take a dive into the freezing cold lake water. The purpose of this charitable event is to raise money for the local food bank to help in the fight against hunger. KNR’s goal was to raise $25,000 through this event, they ended up exceeding their goal and raised $30,000. Kisling Nestico & Redick are involved in charitable events year round. Their plans are to continue serving and uplifting the community as much as they possibly can.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Details The Growth Of

Technology has played quite a role in business over the past few years, with the impact being across almost every industry. Richard Liu Qiangdong knows this all too well. Qiangdong is perhaps best known for being the founder of, which has become the biggest online retailer in China. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, however, Richard Liu noted that this wasn’t something he had initially set out to do. Instead, he had started the company as a store named Jingdong and sold quite a limited amount of products. Despite this, the business soon became known for its customer service, which Qiangdong was quite proud of.

As a result of this popularity, Jingdong began to grow and soon established over a dozen stores in and around Beijing. A SARS outbreak across China started to threaten this growth, however. Because of this, Richard Liu Qiangdong had to look for ways to offset the company’s decreased amount of footfall. Qiangdong had a few tricks up his sleeve that he began to look towards. One of the more notable of these was technology. With an education in Computer Science, Richard Liu soon began developing a website to sell his products on. Soon, Jingdong was selling products both in-person and online. This soon led to a startling realization for Richard Liu; his online sales were easily surpassing the ones from his physical stores.

Because of this, Richard Liu Qiangdong pivoted the company to e-commerce and began closing each of Jingdong’s physical stores. With the website’s increasing popularity, the company soon began attracting attention from a variety of different product developers. This subsequently helped to create a number of partnerships between Jingdong and a variety of different companies. It also led to the business being rebranded as However, the impact of technology on the company didn’t stop there. Instead, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been adding quite a significant amount of features to the business. This was not only about the website itself, but also its logistics division. Through this, has been able to drastically expand it’s delivery and product management systems to help satisfy the ever-changing needs of customers.

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Maarten De Jeu Is The Managing Director And Founder Of SVM Business Advisory

Former Museum of Science and Industry chairman Maarten De Jeu is a successful financial expert that currently acts as a managing partner at SVM Business Advisory, a company he founded in 2012. Maarten De Jeu spent time in the UK and the Netherlands to complete his education. He attended Leiden University to earn his Public Administration degree, followed by the University of Oxford to earn his Master’s in Business Administration. Learn more:

Maarten graduated with highest honors from the University of Oxford in 2005, during which time he was already working for TVDK Management Consultants, an international financial strategy company. Although he started in a beginner position, Maarten De Jeu quickly worked his way up the ranks to earn management positions. By 2008, Maarten moved on from TVDK with eight years of experience to work at Aviva, a Chicago based company in the United States. Maarten took up strategy planning and portfolio review work at Aviva’s offices in London until he eventually became the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development.

After four years of working in an executive position, Maarten De Jeu wanted to start his own business using his acquired knowledge, thus SVM Business Advisory was born. De Jue has since co-founded another technology startup known as SpeakUp, an ethics and compliance company in Europe.

Throughout his career, Maarten De Jeu has built up an impressive network of business relationships from around the world in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Maarten is also affiliated with various companies as a member of the board or general consultant, including the Museum of Science and Industry, the Economics Club of Chicago, the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Along with his international financial experience, Maarten De Jeu has also taken the time to learn several different languages, such as Dutch, French, and German. According to Maarten, it has made him a better communicator, and in several cases, being multilingual has opened up paths to new business ventures in regards to business partnerships and real estate investments. Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter

Vijay Eswaran Views on Efficiency in the Investment Space

Versatility is business and investment space is one of the most studied concepts in the business world. However, no other investor is as versatile as Vijay Eswaran is. In a 2017 report — on the best Malaysian investors — he was among the top ten people who have revolutionized the investment space in Malaysia and by a large extent, the Asian market. His investment journey is, however, a perfect illustration of how important hard work, resilience, and exposure is, in the competitive investment world. According to him, he is a product of different investment philosophies around the world — specifically from the USA and Europe.

Vijay Eswaran is also one of the most esteemed writers in the commercial space. He writes about different subjects, but he is keen on incorporating economics with real-life situations. He believes that for a book to have an impact on people, it must be relatable. His recent publication — Two Minutes from the Abyss — is a perfect example of simplifying complex economic realities to more straightforward texts. Apart from writing on economic and investment topics, he is also keen on writing books (and papers) that are educative about the future of investment and more importantly — how to approach investment world, without incurring losses.

Under QI City, he is slowly changing the world, primarily through merging medical investment with education. According to Vijay Eswaran, the two niches are interlinked and investing in both is a smart way to meet the demand for the two services. In 2019, a Malaysian journal pointed out that he is among the few people that are redefining education — especially higher education — through smart investment. Apart from making learning accessible, he ensures that the quality of the education offered by his institutes is at par with the global standards and more specifically, the knowledge is applicable across the globe. By 2020, he hopes to be the first private investor to have a fully equipped teaching hospital.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets and How They Work for Baby

With so many parents trying to take a more natural approach to their baby’s healthcare, there is no better company to turn to than Hyland’s. Hyland’s has been around for over a century and is the leading homeopathic company in the country. Because of the large amount of work they have put into developing their company, it is no wonder that a lot of people have chosen to utilize this as a product that they can use for their loved ones. You will find that Hyland’s offers products for everyone in the family, but they dedicate a good deal of their time to offering baby care products that are made using natural ingredients.

One of the most popular products within the line is known as Hyland’s Teething Tablets. These tablets are easy to dissolve on the tongue and can be exactly what you need to get your child feeling their absolute best. You are going to find that Hyland’s has offered a ton of different options for your needs and to get you feeling confident in what you are able to offer to your child. You can find these teething tablets in virtually any local store that has a pharmacy as well as on the internet so that you are able to save a bit of money on the items that you need.

You will love the homeopathic ingredients that Hyland’s uses in every single one of the products they have created. You can benefit from what this has done for you and it is why you are going to want to check out this particular option for your own needs. They offer a ton of different products at affordable prices and it is easy to find the product that you need for the entire family. You will love what Hyland’s is able to do for your family’s healthcare needs and this is why it pays to take a look at this as an option and know that it is something beneficial for yourself and all that you are going to be able to make use of regularly.

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Luke Lazarus: Serial Entrepreneur

Graduating from the Melbourne School of Business with an MBA at only 24, Luke Lazarus was already showing signs of success. Following his graduation, Luke Lazarus would go on to form four consulting firms and sell them before the age of 33.

This plethora of experience led him to be known as one of the most sought-after start-up consultants in Australia. Through his innovative and unique take on problem-solving, Luke Lazarus has managed to work with a large number of executives, CEOs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Luke Lazarus recently stated that his primary strength in consulting involves a broad parameter of techniques that get a company back on track. In a recent interview, Luke Lazarus was able to share further some of his experience working in the consulting industry.

What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

Luke Lazarus states that the minute he was able to move out of his house, he quickly headed to Melbourne.

While his former school friends decided to take a year or two off to travel, he stayed back and went hard at his MBA. Although in retrospect, Luke Lazarus admits that he placed a lot of stress and worry on himself, therefore if he could go back he would tell himself to let the worry go.

What would you recommend young entrepreneurs to do that you do yourself?

Lazarus comments on how he is able to handle situations by placing confidence in himself and his work. This ultimately becomes not only an asset to yourself but your clients as well. However, he does understand that apprehension will always be present in a project, but will enough experience those apprehensions become less and less present.

How do you bring your ideas to life?

Building a story around a product or brand is the foundation of a successful company, says Luke Lazarus. He goes on to say that the best thing for a young entrepreneur to do their start-up is to give it a story.

This allows you to not only find a place in the marketplace but also a chance to make it your own. If you can give this feeling to your product, there is no doubt that your customers will also feel it and continue to come back. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus| Medium

What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur?

According to Luke Lazarus, one of his first failures came as a result of working with a long time friend. The inclusion of funds and resources would take center stage without any details being discussed until the last minute. Long story short, the partners disagreed on how the company would run and therefore it failed before it even started.

How Kisling, Nestico & Redick Helps Ohio Legally And Philanthropically

Akron, Ohio, is the home of the main Kisling, Nestico & Redick (KNR) office. This is a legal firm that has eight locations in Ohio so that they can serve everyone in the state. They are a personal injury firm. Many of the cases they take on involve car accidents but they also handle other types of personal injury cases like workers’s comp, dog bites, work injuries, dangerous drugs, and premises liability.

In order to best serve their clients the Kisling, Nestico & Redick team are available 24/7. If a person is unable to stop by one of their locations a lawyer from this firm will go to them. This can be any time of the day or night, weekends included. They can go to the hospital after a person has suffered injuries, meet them at their home, or anywhere else the clients wants to meet.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick also has a great track record when it comes to supporting the Ohio community philanthropically. One of their most recent philanthropic acts was donating bags of food to Parma’s Greenbriar Middle School. They donated $1,200 worth of food to this school which has half of its students on free or reduced lunch. 

They donated this food just before spring break. Rob Nestico, a founding partner of Kisling, Nestico & Redick, said that they didn’t want kids to have to worry about if they would have food to eat when they were out of school. The bags had items such as peanut butter, bread, mac & cheese, and fruit.

They also recently supported the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. A group of Kisling, Nestico & Redick employees took part in the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. They raised $30,000 by hopping into a frigid lake, exceeding their goal of $25,000.