Igor Cornelsen; Investment Guru

Igor Cornelsen was born on 4th October 1947 in Brazil, particularly, Curitiba. He proceeded to Parana Federal University to pursue Engineering, deciding to study Economics two years later within the same university. In 1970, he graduated and worked at an investment bank. Afterward, Igor went to Rio, got promoted to a directors’ board in 1974 at Multibanco and, became the CEO in 1976. Shortly after, in 1978, left after the American bank took over, and moved to Unibanco, a Brazilian firm that ranked among the top for investment. Upon inflation of rates in 1985, he left.

He then proceeded to a Merchant bank in London, by the name Libra earning his first dollars, leading to his move to Standard Chartered, as a representative and member of the directors’ board for a period of 7years. In 1995, he launched his firm, becoming a manager and operating his funds for investment on a daily basis till date.

Management of the stock market during his years in employment since 1971, lead to the growth of his business as a result of the experience garnered. Typical working days are characterized by early mornings when the European markets open, news updates internationally, and adjusting of the fund portfolio by studying the economy and various companies within the day. On other days, meetings with colleagues and friends, to seek their opinions.

In 2010, Igor Cornelsen sold all his Brazilian assets, as his understanding was that the new model implemented by the government would collapse the economy. He invested in Russia despite the fact that it had been unable to pay off its debts, and the unlikelihood of it was paying the bond. Russia eventually worked out an agreement with the creditors, making him receive high returns.

Igor Cornelsen invests in economies that show the potential of growth in future while selling assets which pose a risk of deteriorating as a result of issues such as political unrest. His thrill lies in not relying on the markets’ ideologies but spotting untapped opportunities that will change it before other competitors.

The ability to get direct information from Reuters makes his research free from bias, giving him an upper hand entrepreneurially, in comparison to other competitors. He advises younger managers within this field to continually keep up with information and not people’s opinions. Also, he emphasizes the need to look at the world as a global entity, rather than subdivided units.

Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: https://affiliatedork.com/economic-confidence-is-improving-in-brazil-according-to-igor-cornelsen

Sightsavers Assist In The Elimination Of Trachoma

Trachoma is an infectious eye disease that is the world’s leading cause of blondness. In many Saharan, and some sub-Saharan countries, this disease runs rampant among the residents of several communities. Untreated, Trachoma causes scar tissue underneath the eyelid to become painful, and this causes the lashes to rub the cornea, resulting in blindness that happens very painfully. There are many efforts directed toward the elimination of this horrifying disease, and some of these efforts have proven positive. While still very active in African, Trachoma has been eliminated in the countries of Mexico, Oman, Cambodia, Morocco, and Laos.

Other countries are joining the global effort to eliminate this blinding disease. Organizations like Ministries, donors, communities, pharmaceuticals, and Sightsavers are collaborating for an end to Trachoma is all countries. These entities are members of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control, and they work together with a shared vision, and a common strategy endorsed by the World Health Organization. The Chief Executive Officer of Sightsavers, Caroline Harper, gave a recent talk to hundreds of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers with a pair of tweezers that were hung on a chain around her neck. This was a symbol of the many girls who had to wear tweezers around their necks in Africa to remove the painful eyelashes due to this disease.

Organizations realize that what many countries are lacking in order to eliminate Trachoma is resources. Data has been collected on smartphones and submitted in the areas of much needed assistance. With this important data, non profit organizations and philanthropists can see where the most need is, and render aid through the Audacious Project, which is an organization that has chosen Trachoma elimination as one of their ideas. The United Kingdom announced a commitment of $20 million dollar funding to help Trachoma elimination in ten countries.




Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff AKA Pappy Pariah

Sean Penn kicked back in his kitchen in sunny Los Angeles to discuss his new book over the phone. His book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, has been met with mixed reviews. In Penn’s mind, however, the book is a complete work of art and the creative outlet he has been searching for. Penn says that writing books is different from working in the film industry because it is something that can be all his; he doesn’t have to collaborate with others to get the job done. Because the film industry is a “people” business, collaboration is often necessary.


However, Penn says that collaboration could turn your project into something that you never expected it to become, and the result isn’t always positive. Instead of feeling disappointed with the way that his movies would turn out after collaborating with other big names in the industry, Penn decided to go another route. Some celebrities, such as Sarah Silverman, love the book and rave about it. There are always people, however, who are critical and don’t find the book to be great at all. The book’s main protagonist is Bob Honey, a middle-aged divorcee who lives a seemingly boring life as a septic tank salesman. Things aren’t always as they seem, however, and Bob actually lives a double life as a deadly assassin. The audio version of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was entitled Pappy Pariah, who Penn says is a man he met during a visit to Florida.


Readers have often wondered, however, if Bob Honey and Pappy Pariah are parodies of Sean Penn, himself. The lives of Penn and Bob do bare some striking similarities. For example, the word “pariah” means “outcast” or “outsider.” Could Pappy Pariah be Sean Penn? After all, Penn doesn’t have a relationship with his children and is estranged from them. There are also scenes in the book that relate to real life situations. One scene in particular is in the epilogue of the book when Penn briefly mentions the Las Vegas shootings and North Korea.



The RealReal: A Company That is Marketing Authenticity

One thing that people are longing for in every market and industry is authenticity. One of the reasons that authenticity is so valued is that what one sees is what one is going to get. Society is just coming out of the age of the fake. This is where people imitate and try to be someone else in order to get somewhere or get something. Many people are finding that it doesn’t work for them. They are also noticing that the person who dares to express himself in a way that is different is the one who is not only going to experience the greatest success but is also going to change the world as a whole.

The RealReal is one of the brands that is marketing and encouraging authenticity. It is not just in the type of clothes they offer, but also the material the products are made of. One thing that they have said is that they want the materials to actually look and smell like what they are said to be made of. For instance, they have said that they want their leather to smell like leather. If it smells like nail polish, then it is going to be a major problem for them.

One thing that the leading team of The RealReal focuses on is making sure that the shoppers of the second hand company feel like they are one of the elite when it comes to designer fashion. After all, it is very common for people to want to be one of the best or at least uniquely dressed. This is one advantage that The RealReal offers that other second hand stores do not offer. Customers get to enjoy some of the best benefits that come with shopping at second hand thrift stores while getting some of the benefits of shopping at a designer fashion store.

Sheldon Lavin: Philanthropist, Beloved Business Leader And Acknowledged Global Visionary

The ability that Sheldon Lavin has shown in transforming the butcher shop and American Midwest based meat supplier Otto & Sons into a company the provides dough, vegetable, fish and meat products to consumers in 85 countries has made him a global icon. What makes it even more impressive is that Lavin’s background is in accounting and banking. He became involved in the food processing industry while helping Otto & Sons get the resources to better serve their customers in the Chicago area. Realizing the company’s growth potential, Lavin bought enough stock to control the company once the owners retired.

The work Sheldon Lavin has been able to do with the OSI Group is nothing short of amazing. By purchasing companies like Baho Foods, Flagship Europe and Amick Farms, building 10 poultry processing facilities in China and establishing food processing centers in Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Japan, India and Australia, he has taken an American niche market company and made it into an international powerhouse. What is just as impressive is Lavin’s ability to guide the company to produce foods specially conceived to satisfy people from many different cultures.

Even as the OSI Group has grown exponentially, Sheldon Lavin has never wavered in his commitment to creating the best environmental management and worker safety policies possible. Those policies have helped the OSI Group win the Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council several times as well as winning numerous awards for their ‘green’ practices from organizations all over the world. Lavin is also beloved by his employees because of his warm, welcoming attitude and the generous benefits he offers to his workers and their loved ones. To Lavin, the company’s family atmosphere is one of his proudest achievements.

But Sheldon Lavin has much more of which he can be proud. In addition to building the OSI Group into an international food processing leader, he is also a generous philanthropist who has supported a wide array of charitable causes for decades. His support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago has played an important role in the programs those organizations run. When the Global Vision Academy chose to honor Sheldon Lavin with their Global Visionary award, it was a fitting acknowledgement for the decades of positive work that he has done. building the OSI Group into a very successful global brand.

Contact Sheldon Lavin: relationshipscience.com/sheldon-lavin-p3387879

Marketwired News Reports on Equities First Holdings Helping Hand

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings LLC is a Melbourne-Based Financial Institution that spans across 9 countries including Australia, China, United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The global company offers low fixed interest rates for high-value loans.  Marketwired recently covered in the news the company’s effort to provide a $30 Million Fund for a research and development facility in India through a transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited ETC.

ETC is a commercial company that invests, researches, develops, and commercializes resource and energy technologies in Australia. EFH was happy to support and fund ETC’s efforts of learning/developing the trends of emerging energy and minerals technologies. original source

The Fortress Investment Group Employs the Best People

In order to be a successful investment management firm like the Fortress Investment Group you need to rest on the core competencies that will make you success. Over the years, the Fortress Investment Group has been able to identify five core competencies. As long as you are engaged in these five core competencies then you are almost guaranteed to turn a profit if you are fund management firm.First of all, they recommend you remain asset-based. Being an asset-based investment firm means you focus on investments that give you a cash flow that remain steady over a long period of time. This cash flow should be as diversified as possible. They recommend setting up several areas of real estate in order to maintain this cash flow. By learning how to finance and own and price commercial and residential real estate you can ensure that you will continue making a steady income over time.

They also recommend that you gain the best people in the industry. The Fortress Investment Group keeps their eyes open for those wisest in the following sectors; private equity, credit, traditional management, and liquid credit markets. You’re areas may be different but you need to hire people who are experts in the places you want to be strong. The Fortress Investment Group has over 1500 analysts that work for them to identify the strongest areas for profit. They also recommend that you work on your operations management sector. While anyone who can hold a little bit of wisdom can make money in the stock market, it takes a lot of experience and wisdom to know how to turn a hefty profit. This is because many investment scenarios can be highly complex. If you don’t know how to sift through the complexity then you put yourself in danger. By training the workers to have expertise in their areas you allow them the ability to untied the most complex problems.

This is what happens at the Fortress Investment Group on a daily basis and is why they manage over $43.6 billion.  They also have identified the ability to work with corporations who are looking to merge, which can be a very lucrative field. If the merger is a good idea than you can place your money in before all the profit is made. This often makes you rich in the process.Lastly, they work with small businesses to help them gain low risk high-yield investments. The best way to accomplish this is to buy up credi and invest in other small businesses that look like they will succeed.Smart business moves like these have allowed the Fortress Investment Group to turn a mighty profit over the years to the point that they are valued at $102 billion. They have served over 1050 corporations and another 700 private businesses and have made all of them billionaires many times over. This is why they are trusted around the globe and gain the respect of some of the richest people.

Market America Is Creating A Whole New World For Shoppers And Entrepreneurs

Market America has been in existence for over 25 years now and this experience has placed the company in a unique position when it comes to assisting shoppers and entrepreneurs alike. This company specializes in Internet marketing and product brokerage. By combining these two skill sets, both sides of a purchase can benefit.

In order to create the economy that we wish to enjoy in the future, we must first take the proper steps to do so. This is where companies like Market America come into play. In addition to combining product brokerage and Internet marketing, Market America also has another unique blend of skills to offer.

By taking the power of the people and allowing it to mesh with the latest technologies, the economic ramifications are far reaching. SHOP.com, a site that has been established by this company, has already become a big name in its own right. All of the brands that customers seek are offered in this location, whether they are in search of items from major companies or lesser known retailers.

Harnessing the power of the Internet so that various businesses and retailers can benefit is just one of the many benefits that this company has to offer. Market America remains committed to making the necessary progress so that they can continue to provide clients with the best possible services.

Recent updates to the Market America site allow visitors to learn more about the products that are available and the added features have been a major success. Videos have been added that provide visitors with the chance to learn from the masters of the shopping annuity community. These clips offer the sort of advice that simply cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Market America also aims to teach the world about the importance of converting spending into earning. Thanks to their continued commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of the industry, consumers and entrepreneurs everywhere can find out everything that they need to know in order to make the best possible decisions. In essence, a whole new world is being created for both sides of each purchase.


Shiraz Boghani: The Business Man Of Many Sectors

Shiraz Boghani is a role model in entrepreneurship. He is not only a business owner and philanthropist but an innovator as well. His success level of success is rarely seen.

He is the co-founder of Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz believed that the elderly needed more support and better healthcare. The end result was the establishment of the Sussex Home Healthcare organization that is made up of 18 different locations throughout the United Kingdom. He is also the chairperson of Splendid Hotels. He holds the responsibility as an accountant of helping the business grow continuously using strategies that support the company’s vision. He is a master of his craft as the Splendid Hotel group is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the United Kingdom. Let’s not forget that it is privately owned. Altogether the group owns 20 hotels. Some names are familiar such as the Holiday Inn in Wembley, New Ellington and The Grand Hotel and Spa in York. What makes

Shiraz Boghani even more interesting is that he studied to become an accountant in the United Kingdom at the Institute of Chartered Accountants which is located in England and Wales. It is a well-credited school with more than 147,000 members. He thrives the most when he can positively affect the lives of others through hospitality and philanthropy. He has received the Hotelier of the Year award due to his success at landing the Hilton London Bankside. It is the biggest hotel in the capital with an estimated value of 121 million pounds. Shiraz Boghani is also known for his philanthropic contributions to the Aga Khan Foundation and Development Foundation. Both charities aim to help less fortunate people in the community. There is a lot to be learned from Shiraz Boghani as he serves as an example of how doing what you love tends to love you back.

Source: http://bitsylink.com/2018/02/15/how-shiraz-boghani-rose-to-business-prominence/

Robert Deignan Career

Robert Deignan is a successful business leader who can teach other people valuable lesson about starting a company. Robert Deignan attended Purdue University but did not have a solid direction for his career. He decided to focus on various aspects of managing a business. He graduated with a degree in organizational development, and he quickly advanced in his career.

Robert Deignan started a company called Inbound Call Experts. Although it was tough to improve the business at first, Robert Deignan was able to make the company profitable after years of hard work.

Early Years of the Company

Inbound Call Experts is now one of the largest communication companies in the United States. When the company was founded, Robert had to learn multiple lessons quickly. Like many young business owners, Robert Deignan had unrealistic expectations about managing a company. He struggled to invest in the right areas of his company. Not only that, but he also focused on the wrong areas.

After several years of struggling with a business, he decided to seek the advice of experts in the field. He worked with several business mentors who helped him manage his company the right way. He made multiple changes and observed an increase in sales and profits.


One of the most significant changes that Robert Deignan made to his company was in the marketing department. He became more focused on marketing to potential customers, and he made sure that his marketing efforts were effective. Some business owners wrongly assume that all marketing strategies are equally valid.

Robert Deignan likes to help new business owners who seek his advice. He knows how hard it can be to manage a business for the first time. He expects to continue operating as a business owner for the foreseeable future. He has also thought about writing a book giving business advice to people around the country.