Sawyer Howitt – Up and Coming Racquetball Star

Sawyer Howitt is an up and coming racquetball star, best known for his outstanding abilities on the court. He is most well known for his time playing with the Racquetball Club of Portland Oregon and has also been noted as a player to watch of Oregon High School Racquetball club. While in high school Sawyer made it to the state playoffs and performed at a noticeable level. Today, Sawyer continues to practice and play racquetball on a regular basis while continuing his education and working for his dad’s company, as a project manager for the Meriwether group. According to his Linkedin profile page, Sawyer Howitt is currently a project manager for the Meriwether Group and is, “committed to changing the structure of commerce through both small and large scale business development.” A high achieving young man, on an off the court, Sawyer Howitt is one to watch.

Jeffry Schneider – One of a Kind

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of the boutique Austin-based Ascendant Capital LLC. Under his leadership, Jeffry Schneider has helped the workforce of his company to grow by more than 30 employees and has also enabled his company to raise more than 1 billion dollars. He previously worked for Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney. Jeffry Schneider has vast experience in the field of alternative investments space.

Jeffry Schneider runs a company that has diverse experienced in sales and operational services, education, marketing and also has an innovative approach in financial structuring. Ascendant Capital LLC distributes its public and private offerings worldwide. They work with a network of private banks, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and family offices.

Jeffery Schneider is athletic and has participated in numerous competitions such as iron man, half ironmans together with a number of marathons. He also likes to explore new things and find new adventures across various places such as Europe, South America, Asia and many others. Jeffry Schneider is a man who believes in helping the less fortunate in society and is part of organizations such as Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, The Gazelle Foundation and God Loves We Deliver.

Jeffry Schneider firmly believes in openness and transparency in the day to day activities of Ascendant Capital, LLC. The company’s structure greatly encourages teamwork, open dialogue and deep levels of trust. These are some of the work ethics which have enabled Ascendant Capital LLC to experience tremendous growth in its activities and more information click here.

Jeffry Schneider firmly believes that alternative investments are a great way of diversifying holdings and reducing volatility, taking into consideration where the market stands today. Jeffry Schneider is an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This is rumored to be the place where he learned most of his skills that have clearly set his company aside as one of the best in the industry.

The capital that has been raised by Ascendant Capital LLC has been put into good use such as the purchasing of Real Estate, tech companies, auto dealerships among many others. Jeffry Schneider has deeply inculcated good work ethics into his employees and their company plans to raise not less than $50 million each month.

The Bottom Line

Jeffry Schneider has truly set himself apart from the rest of the pack as he has keenly and gallantly steered his company, Ascendant Capital, LLC to be one of the leading alternative investment boutique firms in the world.

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How EOS Lip Balm Made a Splash in a Dry Market

Everyone knows EOS lip balm, those cute little lip balms in the round containers that come in a variety of unique and interesting flavors. But did you know that it’s only been out for 7 years? In those short years, it has certainly made a big name for itself. It helped to open up the market and really reinvigorate a market that had been stale for nearly a century.

In an interview, one of the creators said that they purposely sought out a market that could use a great overhaul. He said after perusing the shelves of lip balms only to see the same boring packaging and flavors over and over, they knew they’d found their product.

After investigating the market and discovering that the unisex product was purchased predominantly by women, they decided to cater toward women.

They found that women thought the standard tube was too easily lost, and that they preferred the idea of tins. Using this, they came up with a design – their iconic round packaging.

The creators also knew that they wanted women to enjoy using their product, and so they started making a variety of flavors. One of the creators said that they wanted women to really enjoy the experience of wearing EOS lip balm.

They also made a smart move by targeting Millennials, who are about to make up half of the working class. They did this by both traditional and more experimental advertising methods using Facebook and other social media platforms. In a way, they helped to shape and create influential advertising.

In just 7 short years, EOS has gone from a new product spreading its name with paid reviews on social media, to being in the second slot (only behind Burt’s Bees) as the most profitable lip balm business. With the smart way they revolutionized the industry, it’s no wonder they’re one of the biggest names in lip balm.

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Mr. Maluf is Someone You Should Know About

When Flavio Maluf entered the Armando Penteado University Foundation, Flavio Maluf didn’t know what he was yet to become after finishing his university education in Mechanical Engineering. While he was one of the most innovative and brightest students in his class, he still liked the idea of becoming a professional businessman in the country. However, his education had no idea dealing with that profession on He worked hard and attained a qualification degree in Mechanical Engineering when he graduated from the University of Penteado Foundation. In this time, he was in a bit of perplexion he didn’t know what he would do. However, the idea of becoming a businessman in the country was still in his head.

Flavio Maluf decided to follow a course of action which led him to the United States where he would choose and take on an education in which he cherished. In the New York University, Flavio Maluf decided to take on a different career and pursued a certification in Business Administration. For more than one year, Flavio Maluf studied and worked at the University and graduated with flying colours. He knew this was the right time to come back home and start a new life in mentorship on His business life and the journey had commenced.

Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex Group of Companies and started working from the lowest jobs in the company. When he joined, he was asked to commence his duties from the trading department of Eucatex Group of Companies at This was one of the lowest mechanisms which would become of his success. It was during his time at the trading department when the company started looking for an international market for its products and goods. Flavio Maluf was at the forefront initiating and carrying out necessary duties to have the markets organize a better purchase plan which would have them procure the products. This is one of the greatest achievements he made while at the bottom.

Flavio Maluf went on and started working in the manufacturing department of Eucatex. In this section on, the worked by initiating the development of servicing mechanisms which would have all machines running without failing throughout the year.

George Soros: The Billionaire with Self-Given Messianic Role

Few rich people have been associated with assisting the needy. Meeting George Soros will change your perception of wealthy people because he is a good example of sharing what we have with the less advantaged people in the world. The 86 years old self-made billionaire studied in The London School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor of Art/science degree. Though an American citizen with significant influence in America’s social and political matters, Soros was born in Hungary during the Nazi time. George Soros is an inspiration to the youths in all parts of the world through his story of how he fled the Nazi-occupied Hungary, and went to London to pursue education. Interestingly, he financed his education through his early works as a writer and railway potter. The self-driven man is now one of the most generous billionaires on Investopedia, giving millions of dollars for various needy projects. He is a true source of motivation indeed.

Honest Thirst for Positive Change
The New York-based philanthropist is among the most influential people in world politics and culture. George Soros’ influence comes from his vast fortune of about 25.2 billion according to the recent Forbes report. The bigger part of this authority is triggered by a drive to bring positive change to the world through changing political motives and government operations. Soros has had this drive since he was a young boy where he started looking at himself as a messiah. At an early age, he knew he could only influence the world by acquiring wealth. He is now proudly carrying out his duties of bringing positive change as a messianic figure after accumulating a lot of wealth over the years.

Philanthropies, Social and Political Contributions
Through the concept of open society that George Soros adopted while studying in London, he started out the journey of seeing an open society. In his words, open society is a just world where governments are responsible to their citizens, where freedom prevails, a society ruled by democracy, the rule of law, and one that upholds human rights and social justice. This conviction made him establish the first philanthropic support system, Open Society Foundations, which he named after the concept advanced by Karl Popper. Soros opened his first office in his motherland, Hungary. In 1987, he opened the Moscow office, and his contribution towards this quest increased significantly. The Moscow office made him influential and, at the same time, instilling deep democracy policies in many countries in Europe and Asia. Among his political influences, he stands out as the driving force behind the democrat’s shadow party where his influence has been employed over the years. He is also a great supporter of the less fortunate, particularly the refugees. Soros Foundation pledged $500 million in donations to organizations that support refugees.

Dedicated Family Man
Soros is not only involved in politics and business according to Politico; he is also a loving father and husband. The father of five explains how he had to struggle and see his family out of Hungary during the Nazi period.

Desiree Perez goes against the odds

Online music streaming has gotten to be an exceptional standard since the commencement of sound and video streaming platforms over the previous decade. With numerous tech industry players, for example, Google, Apple, and Spotify, each presenting on the web music streaming stages, there are various streaming alternatives for music fans. In this manner, more current players will regularly wind up battling when attempting to stay relevant in the music industry. The greater part of these streaming services neglect to draw in customers, and they quit. That was the condition of Tidal when Roc Nation official Desiree Perez was designated to head the recently gained sound and video membership benefit.  Based in


Tidal was propelled late 2014 by Aspiro, a Swedish/Norwegian-based organization which was later procured by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in 2016. Tidal was sinking when Roc Nation obtained it. However, the agency’s official, Desiree Perez, has possessed the capacity to upset this and make Tidal a standout amongst the most prominent membership-based music streaming businesses on the planet, and furthermore the administration that pays the most noteworthy sovereignties to artists in the music industry. Tidal is mainstream for streaming selective music, which gives the organization an edge over its rivals and this was Desiree Perez’s thought. Most Roc Nation’s specialists have discharged their music through Tidal, making enthusiastic fans to subscribe to the service.           More articles here.




Jay-Z’s Roc Nation co-claims the organization with a group of different specialists on the name. Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Usher, Alicia Keys, Madonna were all among the recorded Tidal co-proprietors. You can get to all the elite music from these specialists and a great deal more on Tidal. Tidal has more than 500,000 paying supporters and all inclusive; the service is accessible in 31 nations.


About Desiree Perez


Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez, Roc Nation Sports official. She is not new to the music business. Her association with Roc Nation’s proprietor Shawn Carter goes path back to the mid-90s. Desiree Perez significantly added to the achievement of the name’s game, both musically and something else, and this incorporates Rihanna and Beyoncé. Her reputation in administrative positions justifies itself with real evidence, and she’s taking Tidal spots.


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