Handy Inc; A Home App for all Your Household Chores and Furniture Deliveries

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded Handybook; a New York-based service company that lets its customers order a plumber, home cleaner, or handyman through a phone app. Handybook handles payments and chore-scheduling supply and demand of the home services industry through the internet. The fast growing brand, having raised $12 million in two phases, has over 50 employees and many freelancers handling more than 10,000 jobs per month. It operates in 13 cities and is opening additional offices in L.A, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco.

Handybook Customers get Convenience

Handybook replaced the unreliable and often vague maid service cleaning agencies with a simple phone app and a website. So how does it work? Simply key in your area zip code, what requires cleaning, and the cleaning time. Once you get a price quote (inclusive of tax and tips) and agree to the terms, your Bank card is charged. Handybook conducts background checks on all its freelancers (references and interviews). Only 3% get accepted, making it harder to get into than Harvard. The company provides a money back guarantee if you don’t like the work done, and pays for damages during cleaning. How cool is that!

Handy Ventures in Furniture Delivery and Assembly

The New York home services startup active in 28 cities is launching Handy.com Delivery, starting with furniture. Debuting in NYC, the items on offer will be a selection of furniture from Ikea, bought through their site. The goal of the company is to unburden customers from buying furniture that needs re-assembling. Handy hopes to undercut and offer an option in cases where online purchases have no assembly or delivery services.

The intention of the new service is to provide customer delight. The service, if successful, will increase its contact with the company’s existing customers, who might prefer Handy for home services. The company has more than 80,000 bookings each month, with 80 percent repeat users. Handy is dedicated to connecting its customers with trusted, skilled professionals for general household services. At the same time, focused on attracting the best high-quality freelance professionals, giving them the opportunity to make real money.





Waiakea Water Brings Health And Grows As a Company

One of the best types of business is bringing greater health to people. According to Gust, this is what Waiakea water does with its water. It provides water that is very clean and free of contaminants. This allows people to enjoy the advantages of water. One of the facts that are important to face is that people do not drink as much pure water as they should.

One of the reasons is that the water that is available is inadequate. It is filled with contaminants and certain agents that could influence the quality of water. For instance, the taste of the water is affected by what is in it.

New You says that Waiakea water makes sure that all of the water they get is pure and free of contaminants. Because of the effort they put into it, Waiakea water actually has a taste that makes people want to drink more of it. This is one of the reasons that Waiakea is one of the most sought after forms of water on the market.

People get to taste what pure water really is. As a result, they will drink more water, and they will not want to go back to the other forms of water that they were used to drinking before Waiakea spring water.

To go along with the fresh taste of Waiakea water, they get to enjoy all of the benefits that they would get from drinking water. Among the benefits they get to enjoy is improved weight loss. People will have an easier time losing weight because they are replenishing their water.

This improves their metabolism and helps with the absorbing of nutrients. Therefore, their bodies will better regulate themselves. They will also have better muscle mass which will improve their overall appearance. With Waiakea, they are able to experience greater health from their diet and exercise.

Waiakea water has experienced growth as a company for the water it has brought people. It has grown by 5,000% since it has opened. This has brought a lot of awareness to the product. Therefore, more people are getting to experience Waiakea and the benefits of their water. This will bring greater health to people around the world.

George Soros Partners with Rich Liberians to Resists Trump Election

George Soros is a renowned hedge fund manager based in the United States. Soros was born in Hungary and educated in the United Kingdom. The hedge fund manager has started several businesses in the United States, and most of them have done very well. At the moment, George Soros is considered to be one of the wealthiest people in the country.

Just recently, George Soros and other wealthy Liberians who had spent millions of dollars in the just concluded presidential election decided to gather in Washington for a three-day meeting. According to his close associates, George Soros, his friends will be strategizing how they will fight back the new president, Donald Trump. These Liberians were all supporting Hilary Clinton during the November elections.

The meeting is believed to have started on Sunday night at the prestigious Washington Mandarin Oriental hotel. The special conference was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club that is considered to be very influential in the country. The meeting was attended by prominent union leaders and liberal groups.

This was the first session to be held by the influential figures since the shocking victory by the new president-elect, Donald Trump. Judging by the agenda of the meeting, the new president will have a tough time in office. Some people are already gearing up for new elections in the New Year, and other are planning to thwart the president-elect during his first one hundred days in office.

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The meeting has come at a time when many liberals are trying to reassess their approach to American politics. The liberals are also planning to re-evaluate the role of the DA in the democratic finance circles. In the last decade, the organization has partnered with its beneficiaries and donors in reshaping the institution in the left. The DA has also been orienting some of the major institutions that are around Hilary Clinton.

The strategies planned by the DA and George Soros were not implemented during the presidential election. This is because Donald Trump won largely, and the people who supported him were the working class whites in the country. The exit polls in the state also suggested that matters such as fighting climate changes and also the role of funds in politics did not resonate with the people supporting Trump. These were the main strategies used by the DA to persuade its voters to turn up in large numbers.

One of the strategists in the Democratic side says that the Democratic Alliance of George Soros should be questioned about the presidential election. This strategist has been actively involved in the organization for a while, and he is one of the individuals who are attending the meeting. According to him, the group has been turned into a social club where several white donors and labor officials meet to drink expensive wine and read memos. The Democratic Party has been burning as they watch. Experts say that if the DA was taking its work seriously, then the presidential election candidate on their side would not have been defeated in the November election.

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Madison Street Capital Offers Fine Valuation Services

Madison Street Capital of Chicago is one of the finest valuation houses in America, and they sit at the heart of a pulsating financial industry that requires hard numbers to function. Valuations are a special type of financial service, and this article explains why Madison Street is so good at their job. They are quite thorough in their work, and there is a loot at how they complete each job to meet the client’s needs.


#1: Valuations Are Used On Both Sides Of The Bargaining Table


Negotiations for the sale of a business, purchase a business share and much more are completed using valuation paperwork. A business carries a net value that may be calculated by a company such as Madison Street, and they determine how many assets are held by the company in total. The total value of the company is used during sales talks, shareholder talks and mergers. Madison Street provides the paperwork, and clients do with it as they will.


#2: The Importance Of The Service


Valuations are used during negotiations are businesses often lie to each other in the course of deal-making. Their information is only as good as their research, and a business that did not hire Madison Street does not know if their new partner is truthful or not. There is quite a lot of trepidation between the two parties when motives are not clear, and Madison Street’s work cuts through the lies to come to the heart of the matter. Cold hard facts will prevail when the deal is made and contract is signed.


#3: Madison Street’s Many Awards


Madison Street Capital is awarded every year for its work in valuations, and they are regularly lauded for their work within the industry. The M&A community is quite large, and Madison Street is one of its shining stars. Business owners who are new to the valuation game may trust Madison Street as they have a prove track record of success, and veteran business owners may return to Madison Street at any time for new reports.


#4: Recording Several Valuations A Year


Madison Street Capital records several valuations for clients every year that involve the competition. Someone who wishes to learn about their industry may request valuations on their closest rivals, and they are wise to do so quickly. The competition has likely ordered the same valuation paperwork on them. Madison Street is completely confidential with all its information, and they faithfully complete reports noting every dollar held by another company.


The wisdom and passion of Madison Street Capital has turned them into a beacon of valuation economics. They serve the financial industry with valuation expertise, and their reports are used in the world’s largest transactions.

The Product Of Vision Overseen By Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is incredibly successful in direct sales. For the last ten years, he has concentrated on products used on a daily basis such as coffee and tea. Originally from the Philippine’s, he first worked with a company called Gano Excel as an executive within the company. Through his efforts, Gano expanded to Canada, Hong Kong and the United States in just three years time. They were involved in the marketing of food related products.

In the year 2008, Bernardo began Organo Gold. This comprised several different companies operating under this trade name. He wanted to sell products that were healthy and contained Ganoderma lucidum. This product came from the lingzhi mushroom and had numerous health benefits.

There was a marketing distribution plan in place to sell this product wholesale after which it was offered to interested consumers. The company was rebranded as Organo in 2015, and still used a network of distributors working on an independent basis in order to sell the product.

Bernardo Chua is affectionately known as Bernie, and he grew up in the Philippines. His Chinese heritage taught him about the benefits of Ganoderma when he was very young. This specific type of mushroom this element comes from grows on wooden logs throughout the world, and is well regarded by both China and Asia. The benefits produced from polypore mushrooms go back for centuries.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua was the first person to find a way to market this product successfully. He combined Ganoderma with all different coffees and teas that came from different regions. He realized how much difference the benefits could make to peoples lives and began to set up a business model. He believed the use of direct sales was the best possible way to market this product.

This was also an incredible way to let the business grow inside the Philippines, while preparing tp take this industry to a global level for the company. Bernardo still believes that in what he does in the business world, direct sales will lead to the most success.

Cleansing Conditioner: The Next Big Thing in Hair Care

Good haircare is critical for not only maintain hair that looks and feel good, but hair that is also healthy. Using high quality shampoos, conditioners, and treatments will help to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Healthy hair not only looks better, but it also prevents hair form breaking and graying prematurely. Washing your hair less and not using harsh chemicals like traditional shampoos are great steps to healthy hair.

Cleansing conditioners are a great alternative to traditional shampoos. They do not have the damaging sulfates and are overall more nourishing and natural. Wen by Chaz Dean is leading the cleansing conditioner movement. Cleansing are an all-in-one product acting as a shampoo, conditioning products, and styling products. They are a great way to cleanse the hair without stripping the hair of its natural moisture. It won’t lather like traditional shampoo, but that is actually what dry out the hair.

The WEN by Chaz Dean brand has been trust by many for years. Their products work on every different hair type and texture. None of their products are tested on animals and all are made and manufactured in the United States. WEN hair has a 60-day money back guarantee on their products. All of these different factors make this a brand you can trust.

For more info, follow Wen hair care on Twitter and visit the brand’s Wikipedia page.