An Inside Look at the Global Impact of David Osio

Having graduated from one of the leading universities in Venezuela, David Osio knows how to bring change about in people and in business. Osio studied banking law and took the courses to become a financial advisor to help individuals oversee how they should spend their money and how they should budget for their every day expenses. His support for the arts, music, and medical research runs deep as Osio continues to look for ways to give back to the community.

Osio has now been a financial counselor for more than two decades and continues to provide support and counsel for numerous charitable organizations. Osio has shown commitment to helping people through financial advising, but he also believes that growing the community through culture and educational experiences is a big part of the outcome of the community. This is one of the main reasons that Osio continues to make donations to the Miami Symphony Orchestra each year.

Working hard to expand his support for organizations around the world, Osio has also been able to grow his share of the marketplace in multiple major cities. While Osio continues to practice and give back in the United States, he has also opened up offices in Lisbon, Panama City, Miami, and New York City. Osio strives to give back in the areas in which he does business, where he can readily share his valuable knowledge with those he is in collaboration with on projects within the community.

Osio is the CEO of Davos Financial Group, and he has successfully grown the company’s income level as well as their presence around the world. Additionally, Osio has been awarded for his charitable acts of kindness around the world, and has been recognized for all he does both in the world of finance as well as through his philanthropic efforts.

One of his greatest passions in life is art which has spurred Osio to give generously to the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami. Davos Financial Group has been recognized both locally and at the global level, offering wise counsel to anyone that is seeking to expand a business as well as to expand their personal portfolio. Osio’s training spans from the Swiss Bank Corporation to the American Banking Association. Today, Osio continues to study and increase his professional certifications within his field.

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Is Using Wen by Chaz Against Thin Hair the Answer?

In today’s world, many people spend a lot of money on hair care. Hair is many times one of the first things that is noticed on both men and women. The appearance of one’s hair can tell a lot about a person. A healthy and young person will more often than not have hair that is full and strong. On the other hand, a sick or older person will be more prone to have hair that might be thin or weak. A lot of the products that people buy will temporarily make hair look good, but may actually be harmful to hair’s long-term health. That is one of the major reasons WEN hair by Chaz was created. Creator Chaz Dean sought to revolutionize hair care by introducing a cleansing conditioner that did not contain any harmful sulfates so that hair would be healthier-looking after using Wen by Chaz products.

Recently, Emily McClure decided to try the all-in-one Sephora endorsed Wen conditioners and report the results on her self-proclaimed “fine, thin hair”. Her trial, found in its entirety on, proved to be quite interesting for all hair care enthusiasts.

On her first day of use, she was skeptical at the recommended amount of product listed on the label. It seemed a bit much for Emily – for long hair, the label suggests up to 32 pumps of the bottle. However, once she began applying the conditioner she was pleasantly surprised. She reported her hair felt thicker and did not fall out.

As the week long experiment progressed, she began to develop a routine in the products use. She found that as long as she used the conditioner during a morning shower that she would be impressed with her hair. If she missed a morning shower, then her hair would not be very pleasant during the day until she was able to use the product. For this reason, while she enjoyed the results immediately after its use, she would probably only recommend Wen by Chaz only if a person was able to use it every morning or when one needs their hair to look good immediately following a shower. To learn more, check out Wen Hair’s Wikipedia page.

Equities First Holdings on Alternative Loans

If you are needing a loan, but cannot use more conventional loan techniques, then you might want to consider a margin or stock based loan. Before you contact a lender, however, consider the differences in the two types of loan and choose the one that is right for your individual circumstances. Equities First Holding is seeing a rise in the number of people who are obtaining loans by using their stock. These loans fall into two different categories. Before you try to obtain a loan using stock understand the difference.


A financial institution will typically pre-qualify a borrower seeking a margin loan using the same process that they do for those seeking conventional loans. Borrows can expect to need up to 50 percent of the loan’s value. These loans have a variable interest rate which can adjust at any time. Furthermore, financial officers may choose to liquidate the stock if a margin call happens without giving the borrower any advance notice. The money obtained from these loans typically has to be used for a specific purpose.


Financial institutions will issue a set interest rate with a stock-based loan. The interest rate on these loans is usually between 3 and 4 percent. Typically, borrowers may need up to 75 percent of the value of the loan in stock. If the value of the stock drops, then the financial institution has no recourse in collecting their money. A stock-based loan can be used for any purpose.


If you are interested in obtaining a margin or stock based loan, then Equity First Holdings hopes that you will contact them. They have been in business for almost 14 years. They have loaned customers over $1.4 billion dollars using these alternative ideas. The value of each loan has varied from $100,000 to $10 million dollars. They currently operate offices in nine countries, so one is conveniently located near you.


Al Christi Junior, the CEO of Equity First Holdings, says that while some borrowers can get loans through larger brokerage firms, these institutions often find it almost impossible to work with borrowers because of tight regulations from the Stock Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve. Therefore, he highly recommends that if you are looking for a loan, you contact his company.


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Richard Blair Teaches Others How to Preserve Wealth

However, everything exists as a matter of perspective and one person’s reality may not be identical to another’s. For example, individuals who have become independently wealthy, either through business dealings or even by winning the lottery, often don’t know exactly how to handle their wealth.

As a direct result, people frequently end up on the short end of the stick when it comes to preserving their wealth because they make poor choices when it comes to how they choose to spend their money. To exacerbate the problem, a lot of people don’t really know how to invest their money in order to make it work for them instead of against them.

This forces them to live out their retirement in a much more restricted manner than they would like. This is a real shame, especially when a person has had wealth in the past and has since lost it because they simply didn’t know how to handle it.

Obviously, a person that has a lot of money needs to have someone in their corner that is capable of helping them preserve their wealth and manage it so that they don’t find themselves in this situation. One of the most effective individuals at doing exactly that is Richard Blair Wealth Solutions.

In fact, Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions have become synonymous with things like solid investment and retirement advice, as well as teaching others had to preserve their wealth. Any person that has Blair in their corner knows if they have someone who is fighting for them to get everything they have coming to them and is constantly teaching them how to handle their finances. This is invaluable information for any individual, no matter how much or how little they might have.

Blair is an individual that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping people save money and get more money for the future. He has a strong desire to help individuals live more comfortably and because of that desire, he works tirelessly to ensure that he provides sound advice for everyone that is tailored to fit their particular situation.

No one likes the idea of not having enough money but a surprising number of individuals don’t seek out the help they need when it comes to maintaining their wealth or developing wealth in the future. Blair has set out to change that by helping individuals recognize how important these actions really are.