The Strategic Growth Operations of IAP Result in Billions in Revenue

IAP Worldwide has successfully acquired two businesses. One business is DRS Technologies Inc., an aviation & logistics company based in Oklahoma. The other is the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business in Maryland. IAP has managed to double the size of its prospects through these acquisitions.

These businesses have been unified into a single unit (along with the National Security Programs in existence) by the title of Aviation & Engineering Solutions. It makes sense for IAP to broaden their services to incorporate more of the same U.S. and international government organizations and agencies as clients. Read more: Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

As a global leader of logistics, highly technical services, and facilities management, IAP naturally better serves its customer base by integrating aviation, communication, and networking businesses into the fold. The latter services added to IAP are aircraft repair management, aircraft logistics and mission support, engineering, information technology, and communications support solutions.

This differentiates from the inorganic growth obtained by acquiring other businesses in the same vertical, which IAP has a history of. Learn more about IAP Worldwide: and

These strategic acquisitions allow IAP to benefit from the pre-established relationships that AES has with the Navy among other entities. The acquisition shows that IAP has long term dedication towards government customers. Regarding government customers, IAP has held over $370 million in government services contracts.

An earlier acquisition transpired in 2005 with the acquisition of Johnson Controls World Services which brought the combined total annual revenue to over $1 billion. This too was a strategic acquisition allowing IAP to gain more market share by offering additional services.

The merger resulted in JCWS changing its name to IAP Worldwide. The then CEO of IAP stated that the merger would “further improve the service our customers receive by applying many of the tools and disciplines that have already proven successful in their respective business operations.”

The company added an additional acquisition the next year, in 2006. G3 Systems Ltd. also had a roster of government, international, and commercial clients for IAP to take under its wing. The company offers a wide range of services which include modular systems, fixed infrastructure, and other support services. IAP continues to support over 175,000 personnel at military installations in the Middle East and in the U.S.

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Securus Technologies Reveals How GTL Swindled Taxpayers

Securus Technologies, a company from Dallas that services law enforcement, emergency first respondents and jails around the country has issued a press release stating that they will highlight some of the abuses by fellow inmate communication provider GTL. “Global Tel Link or GTL has done many despicable acts that have swindled taxpayers of millions of dollars” says Richard Smith, who is the CEO of Securus Technologies.

Richard Smith believes that exposing the wrongdoings and fraud of GTL should force them to raise their level of integrity and service. The actions of GTL have tarnished the reputation of the inmate communication industry of which Securus Technologies is a major part of. Securus technologies aims to provide reasonable, transparent and honest service to inmates, families and law enforcement. It also at the same time believes that security should be at the top of the priority.

The first of a set of press releases by Securus Technologies shows the fraud committed by Global Tel Link in the Louisiana prison system. There GTL has been found guilty of adding anywhere from 15 seconds to 36 seconds to each inmate call that was going outside. The Louisiana Public Commission report also found that GTL would add on additional fees and charges to the bills of inmates or their families. Calls were also rated on the highest possible rate in violation of tariffs and agreements with state, prison and local officials.

Such behavior shows just how low GTL is willing to stoop to try to suck out as much as profits as it can from the taxpayer and unsuspecting families and inmates. The report in Louisiana estimates that such actions cost the state more than $1,200,000 in additional expenses that were paid through taxpayer funds.

Kate Hudson Gets Casual with Fabletics

Kate Hudson is a leading actress and a leading fashion designer. This young woman is obsessed with making it possible for the average woman to live a healthier lifestyle. The Fabletics co-founder believes that living a healthier lifestyle begins with wearing suitable clothing. A Marie Claire Magazine article featured Kate Hudson in a very inspirational review. She is all about inspiring women to reach their fitness goals by wearing her line of clothing, Fabletics. The fact is that Fabletics is an innovative way to buy the latest fashions and accessories online. They offer VIP members customized outfits that are based on their specific preferences.


Active Girls Love Athleisure Dresses
Kate Hudson is definitely one woman that likes to keep dressing a casual affair. Certainly, a lot of women would prefer casual dresses that would do double duty or triple duty. For example, they could wear to the office, wear on a casual date, or wear to a social affair. Kate Hudson also reveals that the new line of dresses are made out of the same type of performance material that exercise material features. She believes staying active in her line of dresses is easy for women. Hudson also reveals interesting details about her line of bathing suits too. Fabletics are designed with comfort in mind. However, the bathing suits provides plenty of support, while looking very fashionable. Hudson also realizes that women like comfort, but they also like to feel secure in their clothing. Her line of bathing suits provide just the right amount of stability and protection required.

The founders of Fabletics include Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The online subscription retailers, direct their clothing line to active women. Every month they feature a wonderful line of new clothing for their members to consider. Fabletics clothing line is made of the highest quality material. Material that is usually featured on much more expensive athletic wear. Certainly, Fabletics features clothing that is designed to make women look good and feel great.

New members take a short quiz to reveal their personal fashion style. This will allow Fabletics to customize selections for the member each month. Each month the member is presented with several outfits that match their personal style. They select one outfit and it is sent directly to their home. However, members do not have to buy outfits every month. They are allowed to skip a month, if desired. New VIP members get their first outfit for only $25.00. Get started with Fabletics today and be on your way to looking fashionable and comfortable throughout the year.

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Finance Professional at a Glance

In the year of 1981 David Osio became the face, president, and CEO of OPED enterprise. OPED is responsible for coffee export programs. David’s highly intellectual background makes him very suitable for the position of CEO. From graduating from the Catholic University of Andres Bello, to structuring marketing programs all across the united states he has made an outstanding career for himself. The university of Andres Bello is one of the leading universities in Latin America and they specialize in advanced management programs.

In 1984 Osio joined a law firm named MGO in Caracas which would then start his experience in banking. Given his knowledge of law and banking David became of of the leads in the private banking division located of Banco Latin international in Miami, Florida. In just less than two years in that position David Osio would then become promoted to vice president of the company. Given his work history, in the year of 1993 David decided to take a leap of faith and begin his own financial company. In only a short period of time David Osio was able to expand his company all over the world. He licensed companies in places such as Geneva, Panama, and even New York city.

Davos Financial group was the first business in Venezuela that was truly dedicated to providing financial advice for their clientele. This financial group along with it’s independent companies, they hold agreements with minor and major banks around the world intending to tailor the needs of their clients. Osio has created a business with such a highly diversified platform that has achieved many new aspects of the financial world.

Because of David Osio’s performance, achievements, and group of independent companies that form Davos Financial Group there have been various awards attained as a result of hard work and dedication. Some of these awards include: Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Movers and Shakers 2009 “honor to the business leaders of South Florida”, “Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider” by the magazine New Europe and the 2014 Miami Award Winner as a consulting firm.

Becoming a constant collaborator with companies that are non profit, David has taught his companies to maintain their social responsibility in an incredible way. They promote their companies with a sense of objective to support the needs of the clientele within each of their individual communities. David Osio continues to do so with a sense that will never halt.

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