US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Discusses The Penny

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl recently visited the Squawk Box on CNBC to discuss the penny. The frank discussion he had with the panel looked into reasons why people want to keep the penny even though experience tells a different story. Philip was the director of the US Mint at one time, and this article explains his understanding of the penny problem.

#1: The Penny Is Terribly Expensive

The penny is terribly expensive to make, but this is an issue most Americans do not understand. The penny is worth one US cent, but the penny costs 1.8 US cents to produce. Philip tried to help eliminate the penny more than once, but he was foiled by the penny lobby. He believes in investment in coins, but he does not believe in throwing money at a problem.

#2: The US Money Reserve Promotes Wise Coin Investment

Philip currently runs the US Money Reserve, and he uses his position to promote wise coin investment. The US Money Reserve creates gold coins for investment purposes, and his company believes that a coin cannot outpace its own value.

#3: What Is The Penny Lobby?

The penny lobby consists of suppliers for the plates to press the pennies, the zinc suppliers who help produce the coins and the machinists who work on the presses that make the coins. These three very strong groups have been able to keep the penny around even the US government loses nearly all the value of every penny as soon as it is produced. The penny lobby will continue to fight for the penny until a government official chooses to push the penny out, and Philip does not see an end to the fight.

Philip Diehl knows that the fight for the penny will come to an end at some point, but he is no longer in control of that process. He is focuses on wise coin investments through the US Money Reserve, and he is consistently creating new gold coin designs for his company that provide investors with the best choices possible. A beautiful gold coin will remain valuable for a long time, and Philip wants investors to have a simpler way to save their money for the future.

Russion State Bans Open Society Foundations the George Soros Philanthropic Organization

It was recently reported any news article by Fortune magazine, George Soros Open Society Foundations has been banned from Russia and deemed a security threat. The Russian Federation has released a statement about the situation that reads as follows;
““It was found that the activity of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation represents a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state.” Instead of taking the help from the Hungarian born philanthropist, the Russian state claims it feels threatened both constitutionally and also as a security risk. Perhaps it is the pro-democracy aspect of the Open Society Foundation that the Russians find so intimidating. Mr. Soros may have fallen out of the good graces of the Russian Government earlier this year when he proposed that the West should try to step up its aid in Ukraine. He was proposing a $50 billion financial package that was seen by the Russians as aggravating the situation there. The Russian offenses in that area of the world have seen Russia openly criticized by the West. The money may have also been seen as a tool to help the opposition.

Mr. George Soros founded the open Society foundations in 1979. When his personal wealth 25 million decided to semiretired and he began his philanthropic activities by helping students in South Africa during apartheid. Mr. Soros was quoted by as saying ““We are confident that this move is a temporary aberration; the aspirations of the Russian people for a better future cannot be suppressed and will ultimately succeed.”

The Open Society Foundations has been doing very important charitable work in the world for over 35 years. With programs in over 110 countries and millions of people as beneficiaries, this philanthropic institution is well recognized for all the good it does produce globally.

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary. He and his family were forced to migrate by the Nazis when he was only 15. He graduated from the London School of Economics. In 1992 Mr. Soros made $1 billion by betting that the English pound would not be able to stay within the European monetary system. He was 100% correct and made his money when the United Kingdom was forced to devalue a its currency. Mr. Storos is also an accomplished author with 14 bestsellers to his name. He has written many essays and has been quoted in articles and interviews making amazingly accurate predictions for the financial markets.

Mr. Soros has expressed the opinion that this year we may be seeing a market crash reminiscent of the crash of 2008. He is also very concerned about the European Union and its reaction or should I say it’s the lack of a unified reaction and policy towards the Syrian Middle Eastern migration crisis. Mr. Soros has also been quoted as letting investors know that this is a very cautious time and to be very prudent with their investments. He has been amazingly on point with his financial predictions and in his political opinions. Mr. Soros has even gone on to formulate a comprehensive plan to help with the migration crisis that he believes could actually derail the entire European Union and caused its collapse.

Skout Becomes The New Social Media Favorite

Parents have become interested in knowing what their children are interested in. This is certainly true when it comes to social media. There are a lot of parents out there that are interested in seeing what apps are going to best suit their needs. They also look for the apps that there kids are using in order to find out what they children are doing online.

There is always a new hot app that will be replacing whatever parents thought was popular. Just as one app gets hot, another app may grow cold. My Space was replaced by Facebook. Snap Chat replaced many of the instant messaging apps. In most instances one apps gains popularity because it is better than the one that was released before this. Word catches on and the apps become hits. That is certainly the case with Spotify and other apps like Apple Radio.

Apps like Skout have become popular for social media because these apps allow people to meet new friends that may not necessarily be on Facebook. This has become the way that people utilize new sites. They will often look for people that may not have profiles on other sites. In many cases it is easy to find new profiles that you have not seen anywhere else on Skout because users can search by pictures. This is actually the way that many users strike up a conversation with others. Many people are fans of Skout because it gives them a connection to local people as well as people in other cities, states and countries. It has become the new meeting place for online connections.

There are some people that are using Skout for finding friends, but it is also a site that shines for date seekers. That is another reason why this app is popular. There are a lot of premium apps that allow people to find dates, but there are a few quality free apps for those that are interested in dating. This app has millions of users, and a lot of them are single. That makes it an ideal for those that are interested in dating someone through an online app without paying a monthly fee.

It’s also a great way to actually connect with people that are trying to find jobs. There are some people that frequent sites like LinkedIn, but the Skout app gives you access to everything. People can find job leads and make friends. They can date and chat.

Rise in New York Real Estate Prices sheds light on the market

With a rise in the prices of NYC luxury real estate in the 4th quarter of 2015, there seems to be a level of confidence that hasn’t been in the New York real estate market for many years. The vacancy levels were a small distraction from this rise in real estate prices, but not enough to deter from the major factor of rising prices.

The average price for real estate in New York City right now is 2 million dollars. This was a 5.2 percent rise from 2014 Q4 prices. These patterns show healthy growth in the New York real estate market. Individuals are willing to pay top dollar to live in a city that gives them the work and living opportunities they are looking for. Price per square foot is also up at just over 1,500 dollars. There are many different factors contributing into this, but a bit part of that price jump is that vacancy levels are continuing to drop in the New York area.

This is a reason why the median prices have been rising. There has also been a shift in the economic pricing of the resale market. Sellers who are looking to move their home at a market friendly price has been able to follow this upward trend. This is moving the whole market towards new record highs.

An Insight on Oscar Pistorius’ Trial

The trail of a South African athlete Oscar Pistorius commenced in March 2014 at the High Court in Pretoria. Oscar was charged with the murder of his lover Steenkamp, but the High Court Judge found him guilty of homicide and reckless use of a firearm at a public place. He was sentenced in October 2014, where he received five years in prison for culpable manslaughter, and another three years suspended prison term for using his firearm in a reckless manner.


The alleged crime committed by Oscar Pistorius happened on 14th Feb 2013. He shot and killed her girlfriend at his home in Pretoria, but according to his evidence he mistook her for an intruder who had invaded his home. He was arrested the same day and charged with murder at a court in Pretoria the following day. The bail hearing began on 19th Feb 2013, and both the prosecution and defense lawyers agreed that the accused had fired four shots through the toilet door, and his girlfriend was inside. Pistorius argued that he thought his lover was in bed, and he was shooting an intruder.


After Pistorius was sentenced, the prosecution confirmed to appeal against the sentence and the verdict. In December 2014, Judge Masipa allowed the prosecution to appeal against acquittal of murder charges and not the five year sentence. In August 2015, it was recommended that Oscar should be released from prison and serve the remaining term under house arrest. This decision was made after Pistorius was not regarded a danger to the society as well as his good behavior.


An overview of Brenda Wardle


Breda Wardle is a legal expert from South Africa who has also participated in the trail of Oscar Pistorius. She has three major degrees in law including a Masters of Laws. Wardle is recognized across the globe for legal analysis and expertise she has been providing. She was invited on several occasions during the trail of Pistorius, at his placement and also the appeal.


Brenda Wardle has published many law journals and newspaper articles, covering major trails that have taken place in South Africa and also the entire world. Additionally, she has written 12 manuals that focus on Contract Management Framework for public sector in the Republic of South Africa.

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