Luke Lazarus Helps Small Businesses Have Success

Most people understand that having any kind of business is hard. It is difficult to keep a business operating correctly. Many new businesses fail within their first couple of years.

The best way for new business owners to have success is by having someone in their corner who has already encountered success with their own businesses. Luke Lazarus is a business consultant who has managed to help many business owners stay in business.

Luke Lazarus is from Melbourne, Australia. He enjoyed entrepreneurship from a very young age. In fact, he knew entrepreneurship was something he desired to do long-term from the age of eight. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus | F6S

Luke Lazarus was a great high school student. He was able to make exceptional grades and also be a part of many of the sports teams. Many universities wanted him to come to their school; however, Luke Lazarus made the decision to stay in his hometown. He attended the Melbourne Business school where he received an MBA.

Over the next decade, Luke Lazarus created new businesses that he eventually sold for large amounts of money. He enjoyed the business aspect but wanted to use what he learned to help others.

So, he decided to become a business consultant. When he helps his clients two of his main focuses are systems and analysis. He is known for his brutal honesty with his clients. He feels it is quite important to be honest with them, so they will have realistic expectations. He does not want for any of his clients to fail in what they are wanting to accomplish.

Luke Lazarus helps his clients to bring on angel investors in their company. He recognizes that many businesses fail due to lack of funding. They do not have enough money to move the business forward. By having angel investors, it increases their long-term chances of having more stability.

A large number of Lazarus’ clients have million-dollar businesses because of the strategies he has given to them. He works diligently with them to ensure they know what it will take to have a successful business and give them a solid plan to make it happen.

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Marc Beer

Marc Beer: Entrepreneurial Genius

For the past 25 years, Marc Beer has proven that he’s one of the greatest entrepreneurs to ever enter the medical industry. His immense success is in the form of several companies he’s taken to the apex of triumph. He’s known for his unique ability to provide workable solutions that solve short-term and long-term issues.

With a B.A. in Business from Miami University, Marc Beer developed his talent early on. Once he started working in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, he knew a career in the medical industry was for him. Soon, he landed the Vice President of Global Marketing for a pharmaceutical company called Genzyme.

His accomplishments at Genzyme were recognized worldwide. He promoted the company’s product line to more than 350 million people who were being medically underserved at that time. The company produced products for more than 7,000 rare diseases, and Marc Beer was in charge of putting those treatments in front of the people suffering.

After years of working for Genzyme, doing things their way, Marc Beer wanted to do more. He’d spent the early years of his career forming relationships and learning the ropes of the industry, so, in 2000, he set out on his own.

He founded Viacell, a company that specialized in collecting and preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells. Those cells were developed into my products and used to treat hundreds of conditions pertaining to the human body. In 2007, he sold Viacell for $300 million and began planning a bright future for him and his family.

The same year he sold Viacell, his wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Distraught, Marc Beer left his professional life behind and focused on raising his three children. Two years after his wife’s death, his oldest daughter convinced him to go back to work and start a new company. Learn more:

The next company he founded was Renovia, a company dedicated to helping women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. He co-founded the company with Dr. Ray Iglesias, a 25-year veteran gynecologist who’d spent much of his career performing pelvic floor surgeries. Throughout his career, he wanted to find a way to help women avoid the need for surgery.

Once he had an idea, he called Marc Beer, and that phone call changed Beer’s life forever. The duo paired with Yolanda Lorie and Renovia was officially born. Together, they developed cutting-edge therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women to help avoid the surgical option.

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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings Provides Access To Affordable Loans

Equities First Holdings allows people to get a loan by providing their stock portfolio. The stocks serve as collateral and will be given back to the borrower after the loan has been repaid. Equities First Holdings is a reputable lending firm and has numerous clients around the world. The company’s lending experts are committed to guiding clients and ensuring a pleasant experience.

Journey Through Business With Sheldon Lavin

Steve Lavin has always had a strong aggression to build any company that he is working within. He always wants to make sure to take the companies to the highest point that he can take them and make them as successful as they can be. Steve has worked in the marketing field for many years. He got in a lot of years of experience before taking on the position of CEO for OSI Group.

Before getting into the marketing field Sheldon Lavin worked as an investment banker. He held a lot of different roles in the banking world, but he knew that this was not the path that he wanted to continue down for the rest of his life so he decided to take a chance on marketing.

Check out to read full interviews of Sheldon Lavin.

After joining OSI Group he helped them to earn some of their biggest clients. One of these clients being McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin has always made sure that OSI Group is providing their clients with the best products that they can. They want to make sure that their biggest clients stay happy because those clients are the ones that are bringing in the biggest business.

Sheldon Lavin quickly learned what it would take to build and grow a successful business. He learned that it would take hard work and determination. He learned that it would take goals and failure at times. He was not afraid to work hard. He was not afraid to fail. He was not afraid to set goals and be determined to work toward them.

Sheldon Lavin has grown to be a shining example to others who want to work in this type of business. He knows everything that there is to know about being successful in the business world and he is hopeful that many other people will learn from his journey.

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The Many Disciplines of Richard Liu: How to Switch Careers and Succeed

How we think about our professional futures is changing. There was a time you’d pick a career, maybe even a company, and stick with it until retirement kicked in. There might even be a pension in it for you. Now, we’re all encouraged to move around between companies, and even industries, in an attempt to have so many different experiences listed in our resume that employers can’t help but hire us. It’s not so common to see someone master a particular field, then go on to do the same in another but it’s what Richard Liu has done to have successful careers in medicine and finance.

Liu grew up in a house full of doctors who gave him a dedicated work ethic, so naturally he wound up graduating from the Harvard School of Dentistry. Once back home in New Hampshire, Liu followed in his mother’s footsteps and became a community dentist. He split his time between working with patients at Evergreen Dental Care and at his alma mater, teaching the next generation of dentists. Evergreen was a good fit for Liu, but he couldn’t ignore his curiosity for finance and technology. He spent some time as a small investor for tech startups. Before long he realized that if he wanted to take this venture seriously, he’d have to go back to school. Liu went back to school, to MIT where he worked towards a master’s degree in business administration.

That opened the door to QRT Capital, where he worked as an analyst for a time. An expanded education and new work experiences taught Liu all he needed to know in order to found Morningside Venture Capital. Liu populated his new company with people who followed a similar path to his own, getting an unconventional start before gaining experience in investing. Morningside Venture Capital invested in media and tech startups, eager to get a bead on the changing shape of the global economy. Now the investment group holds $1.7 billion in holdings. Liu credits soft skills developed as a dentist with boosting his odds in investing. Seeking a career with more freedom gave Liu the self-determination to succeed, a testament that it’s possible to change careers without fear, provided you’ve got a plan and the will to see it through.

Tips to Improve Brain Health After Summer

Prevagen is a brain supplement product created by Quincy Bioscience. The brain supplement has become a popular choice for most Americans because of its effectiveness, and people are saying that using it gives them a refreshed mind and a sharper memory.

The product became the subject of multiple laboratory tests, and researchers have proven that it produces positive effects especially for those who are using it regularly.

Prevagen is a brain supplement product created by Quincy Bioscience. The brain supplement has become a popular choice for most Americans because of its effectiveness, and people are saying that using it gives them a refreshed mind and a sharper memory. The product became the subject of multiple laboratory tests, and researchers have proven that it produces positive effects especially for those who are using it regularly.

Summer can be considered as the most stressful time of the year, and people recommend using Prevagen during this season to help the brain recover from the enormous amount of stress that it would experience. One of the reasons why summer has become stressful is because of the numerous activities available during this season. Read more: Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens and Prevagan Improves Memory and Regular Strength | CVS

People who are experiencing a tremendous amount of stress during the summer should think of providing the brain with a refreshing activity after the season ends. Here is a list of things that you can do to help your brain recover after the summer season is over.

Physical exercises

The brain is an organ that requires oxygen to function. To supply your brain with enough oxygen, blood must flow freely. Consider walking or running short distances to strengthen your heart, and it will effectively deliver blood into your brain without any problems.

You should also consider doing certain exercises that will sharpen your focus, and try performing these routines every morning to help you feel better.

Mental exercises

Aside from exercising your body physically, you also need to train your brain mentally. One of the things that you can do to exercise your brain is to answer puzzles, riddles, or questions. This can enhance your thinking skills, and by utilizing your memory, it would prompt the neurons inside the brain to work together and find out the answer.

Sharper memories are being trained, and you will be surprised with the result if you keep on answering puzzles and other difficult questions. Some organizations can also help you sharpen your brainpower, and they welcome anyone who wanted to join their ranks.

Live a life full of positivity

A stress-free life makes your brain healthy. People who are overthinking are stressing themselves too much, and this can result in many consequences. Try to live your life filled with positivity and see the difference.

When we are happy, our brains do not need to overwork, and whenever we are thinking of positive thoughts, our brain manages to develop into a healthier organ.


Meditation has a lot of health benefits, and it can be used to strengthen our willpower. If you wanted to meditate, you can try locking yourself inside an empty room and just close your eyes. Empty your mind of thoughts, and you will notice the changes right after you meditate.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick law firm Giving Back to the Community

Kisling Nestico & Redick Company was founded by Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico, and Robert Redick in 2005. The law firm has 38 lawyers plus 130 support staff providing injury law representation. The company has enough resources and skills to ensure that their clients have the best representation.

When all the lawyers are combined, they have an accumulated 450 years of experience, which brings a unique difference to the firm. Each case has a lead attorney and a couple of paralegals to ensure smooth research of the client’s case.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Fight Underage Vaping –

Kisling, Nestico & Redick recognize the number of children who have never worn new clothes before. They only know of worn-out tennis shoes because new shoes are too expensive. Most welfare programs and the federal state have neglected the state of poverty and its consequences like starvation and lack of proper shelter. The result is the children affected by poverty will always feel left out in many ways.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick took the initiate and sponsored a dozen kids for shopping at the Meijer store. The kids were carefully selected according to needs, and they participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. The company spent more than $3000, making a difference in the kids’ lives. 

Kisling, Nestico & Redick are creating awareness on the causes of injuries to the outside world, and it may seem that the company does not care much about their business. In truth, they are passionate about what they do and do not want to see people get hurt. The company recently donated helmets to children in the summer camp to show the initiative of bicycle safety.

There are yearly scholarships to the students with the best suggestion to decrease accidents while driving. It is an incentive to create awareness among peer groups. Apart from that, Kisling, Nestico & Redick has participated in charitable events to raise money. Kisling, Nestico & Redick took part in the polar bear jump, raising money for the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank.

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Luke Lazarus: The Most Important Principles of Establishing a Business

Luke Lazarus is a business consultant based in Melbourne, Australia, and he is the owner of Luke Lazarus Consulting. He is focused on marketing, and he is helping smaller businesses to succeed.

Corporate executives based in south-east Australia have been working with him for years, and they believe that his two decades worth of experience as an entrepreneur is enough to consider him as a business partner.

How Luke Lazarus developed an interest in becoming a serial entrepreneur?

When he was still in grade school and high school, Luke Lazarus is an avid reader of books that focuses on business as its primary subject. When he was in college, he decided to stay in Australia, despite the numerous invitations and scholarships offered by various universities around the world. Later on, he took up an MBA at the Melbourne Business School, and he was able to graduate at a young age of 24.

After he graduated from the Melbourne Business School, he started a career as a serial entrepreneur and launched different businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, he does not have any idea whether the business he established will flourish or not. He did his best in transforming his business, and in the end, four of the startups that he established became successful. He later sold his businesses to different buyers, and he decided to establish a new set of startups that he will manage. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

The success of his four initial businesses opened different opportunities for Marc Beer, and he became a well-known entrepreneur because of his unique approach in managing startups. Many investors helped him after they found out his potential, and as an exchange, he would always give them a piece of advice on what hinders their potential growth.

Becoming a Business Consultant

Years after he started his career to become a serial entrepreneur, Marc Beer realized that earning millions per transaction does not excite him anymore.

He is no longer satisfied with his earnings, so he decided to take a different career and become a business consultant instead. As a business consultant, it is his job to provide his clients with several tips on how they can manage their businesses more effectively.

What are the Principles of Luke Lazarus when it comes to business management?

Luke Lazarus offered new techniques on how to effectively manage a business, and one of the things that he always emphasizes is the importance of creating presentations for potential clients. He stated that showing the business plans to a number of potential investors will help the company develop further.

He stated that it is important for an entrepreneur to show what the potential of the business is, and why the investors need to invest in the company. This is the secret of success, as experienced by Luke Lazarus himself.

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American Addiction Centers Explorers Drug Use On College Campuses

With the upcoming college semester, American Center’s are preparing parents about something else to be concerned about. It isn’t rising school costs, or concerns about drinking and driving, but rather alarming new statistics on drug and alcohol use among college students.

Recent studies suggest college-aged students have the highest levels of substance abuse in any age group.

Statistics show 1 in 3 college students say they have abused alcohol at some point in time, and 1 in 5 have used an illicit drug. These factors can contribute to a long and strenuous battle with addiction that can be extremely difficult to overcome.

Substance abuse in college only seems to be getting worse. Results from a recent survey indicate 62% of college students admitted to consuming alcohol within the past month. Many of which would be under the legal drinking age. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

Research indicates amphetamine use has increased with almost 10% of students confessing to abusing Adderall. This drug in particular, is used on many campuses across the nation to help students stay awake, alert, and to study longer.

College events such as sports games, frat and sorority parties expose vulnerable youngsters to alcohol and drugs. A coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center, Missy Pollack, now has just about five years clean due to her own battle with addiction to the perscription drug Adderall.

Ms. Pollack stresses how easy it is to obtain substances on campus; and how widely accepted it is. She says she was introduced to Adderall during her first semester at college during finals week.

She immediately grew to like the drug, and continued to take it for a number of years. Her behavior was dratically affected as was her life.

Here are some signs to watch for with possible substance abuse in loved ones:

  • Too much sleep or lack of sufficient sleep
  • Constant lying or attempts to hide things
  • Sudden and sometimes drastic changes in appearance
  • Loss of interest in things they enjoyed before
  • Drastic changes in mood that are not considered mood swings

American Addiction Centers offer both inpatient and outpatient services. They focus on not only drug and alcohol addiction, but also co-occurring mental health issues.

Their treatment facilities are conveniently located throughout the United States. Visit their website for more info:

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Nitin Khanna Has What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna, CEO of MergerTech, was born in India into a family of many entrepreneurs. At the age of 17 he moved to the United States where he attended Purdue University, majoring in industrial engineering and then getting a Master’s degree in the same field. By this time he was ready to work instead of going on for a PhD. He was ready to try his hand at putting his knowledge and talent into practice.

In 1999 Nitin Khanna and his brother started Saber Software, and for the next 10 years Khanna worked on growing the business. Some luck came his way when Saber Software won the contract to modernize the election system after the 2000 election problems. Saber Software had 21 states using its software to oversee the process of voting. In 2008 Khanna sold Saber Software. He then went on to invest in many companies in Oregon. Other entrepreneurs became interested in Khanna’s expertise and were anxious for his advice. The result was the creation of MergerTech, an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm.

Part of the reason for Nitin Khanna’s success has always been his ability to understand what people are going to want before others catch on. Being steps ahead means that Khanna has jumped in to ventures early and reaped profits. This was the story with his early investments in legalized cannabis. He became CEO of Cura Cannabis, a role he has since stepped away from, although he is still very passionate about the success of the company.

Khanna credits much of his success to understanding how important it is to have the best people working in a company, knowing when to delegate and letting those people do their jobs. This way of leading a company not only leads to success but also makes much more free time available to the head of the company to pursue other interests and spend more time with family.

Nitin Khanna’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to really know themselves and what they are capable of. It is certainly not true that anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur can succeed. There are so many skills involved in becoming a successful entrepreneur, managing a team, hiring and firing, and the chances of success are minimal. It is better to realize this before wasting a large part of one’s life and failing.

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